Taeif is a global IT and media company focusing on Software Development and media production .

Taeif has an offices in Kasaragod, Kerala (India) and Brunei and is planning to expand to Singapore and malaysia).

Specializes in providing the following services:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Web designing and development
  • Media Production And Post Production Work
  • Business softwares
  • SEO

Taeif provides a complete suite of IT services in the business application domain, specializing in multiple verticals including financial services, healthcare services, education and allied industries.

In media we are doing production and post production works.

Our success in delivering quality products to our customers stems from our commitment to a consistent methodology, effective project management techniques, proven automated tools, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals.

We follow rigorous quality management techniques, which along with our mature development processes ensure that high quality outputs are delivered in every phase of development and maintenance cycle. We have predefined processes for software development, quality assurance and documentation.

We at Taeif understand that every client has unique needs and different ways are required to fulfill them. We offer different business models for this very reason. Each of the models has been designed to offer maximum benefits to clients.

Below are the varieties of business models that Taeif offers to its customers to effectively fulfill their requirements, and eventually add value to the customer core business areas.

We follow offshore model to effectively fulfill customer requirements, and eventually add value to the customer core business areas.

This model enables clients to utilize the infrastructure and manpower of Taeif media consultancy in India to execute their projects.

To meet its client's aggressive schedules, Taeif media consultancypresents the offshore outsourcing process that offers: -

  • Resource management, to meet demanding project deadlines.
  • Extensive project processes to meet different delivery needs of the customer.
  • Extraordinary cost benefits when compared to the cost of an equivalent onsite team.
  • Additional benefits to the customer in terms of reduced infrastructure required, to seat, connect and manage an onsite team.

Taeif offers offsite model for customers who intend to reduce cost by outsourcing the work, although they prefer to have the project team to be working closer to them and based out of Brunei. We have our office set up at PGGMB building, BSB. This model enables the client to have close interactions with the project team on regular basis.

taeif offers complete and professional solutions for all Ads, Animation, Web design and Logo design requirements. Our team has many years of experience in media, animation and web designing industry. Each of the professional comes from the background of convincing training in the design works. This long time professional engagement with Indian and of course the foreign industries are the genuine reason behind the creation. All our studio post production works are done with international quality.

  • Direction
  • Coordination
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Dubbing and Studio works 
  • Music and Background score 
  • Track mixing 
  • Grading/Digital Intermediate (DI)
  • Graphics and Titles 
  • Final mixing 
  • Final out in full HD (In variant formats depend on the requirement) 
  • Creative Director (Ad director with more than 5 years experience in ad film making)
  • Cinematographer (Professional cinematographer with movie/ads experience)
  • Makeup Artist (Film makeup artist)
  • Costume designer (Film costume designer)
  • Art director (senior film art director)
  • Senior Location executive
  • Assistance
  • Production team
  • Unit team (Lights/Tracks/Camera/Jib)