Business Ethics

Taeif is media and IT Company based out of Brunei offering high quality media and IT service throughout Brunei.

We give utmost importance to maintaining our reputation for our work ethics, honesty and fair dealing. Because of unprecedented scrutiny on corporate behavior, we need to emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to below mentioned well defined Taeif’s Standards of Business Conduct.

Taeif's Standards of Business Conduct details out our ethical and legal responsibilities towards fellow employees, as well as our customers, competitors, and suppliers.

Each employee is personally responsible and accountable for helping Taeif maintain its reputation for the highest standards of integrity. Especially in times of rapid change, we need to earn the trust and loyalty of others. There are no shortcut formulas for the same.

To our customers, we want to assure you that we will remain committed to providing unparalleled services and opportunities to interact with our team and your account in ways that fit your expectation. We welcome your feedback about our customer service experience at any time. We have an outstanding team in place across the company, at the senior management level and throughout our organization. Our success is a reflection of the quality of our people and their ability to work together.